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Imperial Sugar Company (IPSU) – How Sweet it is For Imperial Sugar

With headquarters in Sugar Land, Texas and listing on the NASDAQ, Imperial Sugar Company is part of the Confectioners industry. They are one of the largest processors and marketers of refined sugar in the United States. The company traces their beginnings back to 1843. That is when the first sugar mill was commissioned in what later became Sugar Land in the state. Imperial Sugar today is a publicly traded corporation (IPSU) with sales of $1 billion.

The company’s products include granulated sugar, confectioners’ powdered sugar, and light and dark brown sugar. They also market an assortment of sugar shakers and liquid sugar. The company also sells sweetener products. Imperial markets their products under the Imperial Pure Cane Sugar®, Dixie Crystals®, and Holly® brand names.

For more than 100 years, the Imperial brand has been serving Texans. The Dixie Crystals brand has been supplying the Southeast since 1917. Dollar shares in Texas of the Imperial brand are approximately 40 percent. Dollar shares of the Dixie Crystals brand in key Southeastern markets is approximately 25 percent.

Imperial Sugar Company markets their products to food manufacturers, retail grocers, and foodservice distributors. They do this directly through their sales force, as well as through wholesalers and distributors. With their Industrial Sales, they produce a wide assortment of industrial sugar products for sale throughout the United States. These products include bulk and liquid sugars for industrial customers, along with a wide range of packaged sugars.

Imperial Sugar Company Foodservice Business Segments serve the foodservice markets. They provide sugar products from the Imperial, Dixie Crystal, and Holly brands to varied foodservice customers. Product size offerings range from one-pound packages to fifty-pound bags. The company also offers private label products for all major foodservice distributors.

The company’s Specialties Group offers free-flowing compressible flavored granulated and powdered sugars. Their Compound Crystallization technology combines a variety of ingredients, colors, and flavors with sugar into a single, free flowing, and stable granular or powdered specialty ingredient. This is for easy handling, blending, and dosing. It is also an instantly soluble product. This group also offers syrups, edible molasses, and flavored blends.

Imperial Sugar Company feels life can be sweet when customers use their products. That’s why they continue to innovate with sugar and sweetener products through their three brands. They hope to continue to provide their customers with spoonfuls of sugar in great numbers, for their shareholders’ profit.

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