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ICOP Digital, Inc. (ICOP) is “One to Watch”

ICOP Digital, Inc. has been a leader in the digital in-car video recording systems, and over the past months, the company has witnessed many new and exciting trends evolve within their company. The ICOP Model 20/20®-W, ICOP’s flagship, award-winning product, is currently the leading in-car video recorder system for law enforcement.

The company is expecting to report its third consecutive year of year-over-year revenue growth with unaudited total revenues of approximately $12 million in 2007, which is a very nice increase from 2006 revenues of $6.6 million. Last December, the company was awarded with a record order from a major law enforcement agency in Maryland that purchased over 170 ICOP Model 20/20®-W digital in-car video systems. ICOP processed and shipped over 2,000 ICOP Model 20/20-W units and related ancillary products to more than 300 individual law enforcement agencies nationwide within a full year.

With the introduction of its live streaming solution, ICOP LIVE™, the company continues to raise the bar for competitors in the market. ICOP LIVE™ delivers live streaming video to and from first responder vehicles and headquarters, empowering first responders with enhanced real-time situational awareness and actionable intelligence, optimizing the outcome of a crisis. ICOP LIVE delivers live video wirelessly to first responders over any wireless network and to multiple internet enabled Windows® devices simultaneously. In March of this year, ICOP LIVE will be tested through a comprehensive beta test using several first responder agencies located throughout the nation.

The company’s newest product, the ICOP Model 4000™, is the next generation transit/rail DVR system. Using less power than traditional DVR’s, which consists of less heat and translates into a more reliable unit with less downtime, the ICOP Model 4000 hosts many new innovative and advanced features and capabilities.

The company formed key marketing partnerships with Sprint Nextel and Strix Systems, improving its global sales and marketing platform, resulting in multiple sales and generating many more sales opportunities.

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