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How Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Remains an Industry Beacon

Since its founding in 1964, Continental Stock Transfer & Trust has unwaveringly held to its initial mission to provide full support to smaller and mid-sized emerging and growth company. The recipe for this vision also remains the same: superior client responsiveness and uniquely tailored business solutions.

Continental is an independent, privately held, family-owned corporation staffed with some of the industry’s most experienced experts – all the makings that contribute to its rank as the fourth largest agent in the United States.

While large transfer agents work on larger companies with hundreds of thousands of shareholders, Continental focuses on companies with 50,000 or fewer shareholders. The result is hands-on, immediate access. In fact, Continental offers 24/7 access to its senior-level experts.

Core functions of a typical stock transfer agent include management of stock and/or bond certificates, acting as an intermediary for publicly traded companies, and handling lost, destroyed or stolen certificates. When that transfer agent goes beyond the fundamentals to provide personal attention and numerous offerings via innovative technology and an exceptional execution strategy- as does Continental – the result is a lengthy tenure solidified by sound reputation.

In addition to transfer agent essentials, Continentals’ extended offerings include employee plan administration, IPO and SPAC services, annual meeting and proxy services, corporate actions and escrow services, EDGAR/XBRL filing, stock plan administration, dividend reinvestment plan and direct purchase plan administration, and dividend disbursement services.

Through 50 years of experience and leadership, Continental has maintained its core vision and commitment, strengthening the agent’s stellar track record of superior customer satisfaction.

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