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HotOtc Featured Company: Midnight Holdings Group, Inc. (MHGI) Greased up and Expanding West

Offering product and services in the automotive aftermarket is not for the faint of heart. Major players control a vast majority of opportunities, leaving little for the up-and-comer. Aggressive management and a fierce dedication to a loyal customer base are needed in this nuts and bolts world.

Midnight Holdings Group, Inc., a holding company with two subsidiaries, offers fleet maintenance services and retail aftermarket automotive products/services in the Midwestern United States. The company’s two subsidiaries include: All night Auto and All Night Lube Express.

The company’s preliminary 2007 income reports estimate that Midnight Holdings Group, Inc. will experience a gain, over previous estimates, of approximately $300,000 from 2007 operations. Entire system wide revenues appear to be in line with company expectations. Recognizing that the company needs to grow from its current position in the mid-west, it has set its direction of retail expansion toward the Southwestern United States and Western United States. No information is available as to whether fleet services will also follow to the west.

This process has only just entered the management assessment stage with general optimism based on unknown factors. A slowing economy may lead to increased car care need in favor of new car purchase, making the company’s operations a bit more attractive over the coming years. From available data, the fleet servicing aspect of the company appears to be receiving less attention from the company then it may deserve. If this portion of the company could be tapped with stable long term fleet maintenance contracts, in the Midwest, further opportunity may be possible. Opportunity appears viable for the company although management’s desire to aggressively market the company’s brands may be at issue.

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