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HotOtc Featured Company: Level 3 Communications Inc. (LVLT) Closes Gap at End of First Quarter

Level Three Communications Inc., a communications company working with internet, phone and energy products operates primarily in the mainstream consumer communications marketplace. The company has many programs derived from the final stages of the AT&T breakup and internet opportunities not associated with AT&T. Owing to the company’s history, it also maintains positions within long term coal contracts market from its Broomfield Colorado base. The company has been in operation since 1886 and has kept pace with opportunities as they presented themselves.

The company’s main product base operates around intercity phone lines. As of December 31, 2007, the company controlled 67,000 miles of phone lines in 116 markets across the country. Although not as extensive as in the United States, the company also operates in Europe with 10,000 miles of phone lines. The company also operates at almost every level of the internet. It offers products at each level of possible service and is considered a leading player within the internet services market. Perhaps one of the more visible product offerings that the company is pursuing in the internet arena is user identification. Primarily revolving around 911 issues, the company has made progress in meeting the needs of those that act on 911 issues and hopes to be considered a leading edge company in the field.

The company appears to be making some solid headway in its efforts to solidify its core businesses. Revenues were slightly off what analysts had expected but found them to be acceptable given current conditions. As a result, analysts tended to let Level 3 pass relatively unnoticed and consider the company a good future prospect within the market that it operates. Level 3 is right in the middle of the communications mix and ready to fight for a dominant position as the market sorts out which company will take control of which part of the communications marketplace. This company is well positioned and ready to go.

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