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HotOtc Featured Company: Isolagen Inc. (ILE) Moves Deep into Phase III Wrinkle Cream Testing Program

Biotechnology products are all about timing and testing. There has to be a solid need for the product, and it has to be able to meet FDA standards. Given the rigors of testing and approvals, bringing the timing and testing elements together simultaneously is a difficult process at best. But when the two mesh at the same time, exceedingly large profits can be made.

Isolagen Inc., a skin care development stage company, is engaged in Phase II and Phase III trials of products designed to heal and care for the naturally occurring effects of: aging, sun, acne scars, and burns. The process involves creating a living cell therapy where collagen producing cells are multiplied to create a personal treatment for the condition at hand. Depending upon the condition, a different formulation is required and thus differing trials for each condition. Currently, trials are in Phase III for the wrinkle application of the product and Phase II for the acne/scar application.

The company appears to be moving forward in its work to bring products to market. Successes have been apparent, and approvals are likely given the current results of the trials. Time is the controlling element at this point. To provide the company with more latitude in its development and trials programs, it has recently sold its Switzerland facilities to create more working capital. This move, along with a solid effort to reduce the daily burn of capital, should bring the company to market in good shape.

The market is clearly waiting for a product line that can help with skin aging, sun and scar issues. Given that this generation has been known for its self-indulgences, it is very likely that they will spend heavily on skin care products to extend their self image. Isolagen Inc. appears to be bringing a product to market at the right time for a generation that has had its time in the sun.

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