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HotOtc Featured Company: Discovery Labs Inc. (DSCO) Awaits Final Approval Stamp for New Lung Product; Marketing Rights Assigned

The big trick when trying to make money in the pharmaceutical industry is catching a company as it introduces an approved new product. From there, a follow-along protocol with a series of new products keeps the revenue flowing. If an investor catches the timing just right, a steady flow of pharmaceutical profit can be had.

Discovery Labs Inc., a biotechnology research and development company, works to offer new and innovative surfactant products to pulmonary candidates of all ages. Surfactants’, a naturally occurring chemical involved in the proper development and operations of the lungs, is used by the body to help reduce friction between parts of the lungs. This enables the lungs to better develop, inflate, prevent collapse and generally help to promote proper gas exchange.

The company is fairly well along in its pipeline product development and approvals process. Its Surfaxin RDS product is through the testing phase process, and is awaiting final approval for market. Its Surfaxin BPD product is now entering Phase III trials with positive results to date. The company has also been seeing positive results with products in Phase II trials and in development.

Marketing rights for the company’s products have been assigned for certain parts of the world and are now awaiting final approvals for the product. Chrysalis Inc., a Phillip Morris subsidiary, has been assigned US rights to the company’s first product introduction along with Esteve, a Spanish company, for Southern Europe and Italy through a subsidiary. From all appearances the company has done its homework and has everything ready to pull the trigger on its first product offering. With an aging population and continually advancing work with premature infants, Discovery Labs Inc. is ready to roll with a solid slate of products for years to come.

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