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Hawaiian Holdings Inc. (HA) is Poised for Takeoff

This is not written in the midst of recovery from any wild weekend. There are no fewer than two compelling reasons to ask you to watch this small-capital Airline Industry stock.

The first reason is less obvious. All significant competitors to this corporation’s operations have closed up shop. This company was also in bankruptcy some years ago, but is now adequately funded and has dominant market shares.

Sound and ethical management is the second reason to back this stock. The company has won over $50 million dollars in compensation from a former rival for a case of malfeasance. Similarly, the airline has lost no time in charging for baggage in the new milieu of runaway fuel prices.

Other investors seem to like this stock as well. The early-August 2008 price has approached the 52-week high of $9.86. Market capitalization has jumped 3% in the last 100 days. However, the Price to Earnings Ratio has remained below 8 even in the face of this price uptrend. The Beta is 1.92. A majority of the 48 million shares are held by top institutions. The management has achieved a Rate of Return on Average Equity of 48.68% on a Trailing Twelve Months Basis. Investors can expect the airline to perform even better as world aviation fuel prices decline.

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