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GT Solar International Inc. (SOLR) Finds Successes in Reducing Per/Kilowatt Hour Costs

Although clean energy was once a rather leading edge concept, it is increasingly becoming a commodity item. How much, when and where are now the real issues to consider. In terms of solar power, kilowatt/hr is the issue. If the cost per kilowatt hour can be reduced, the company that can achieve is the one that will profit. Finding the company that can provide that less cost with a solid product is the way to profit in a market that is increasingly becoming more accepted.

GT Solar International Inc., a manufacturer of solar power equipment manufacturing components, works to supply the solar power industry with manufacturing equipment for the manufacture of solar power units. The company involves itself in all aspects of the solar power equipment manufacturing process from equipment manufacture to waste containment.
At the company’s basic level, the manufacture of silicon ingots, for use in solar cells, constitutes the basis of its business. It does, however, provide other elements required to produce solar cells on all levels. The real value of the company lies in its efficiency of manufacture and reduction in per/kilowatt cost of electricity.

The company appears to be reducing the per kilowatt hour of solar power, although other energy costs have been affecting overall revenues. GT Solar does seem to be at a leading edge, however, and may have an advantage if it can keep cost controls in place. Kilowatt cost per/hr and the ability to reduce it, below $0.06 per kilowatt/hr, is the key. Other energy costs will play a role but over time there may be a future for those interested in clean energy over the longer-term as the world’s energy issues work themselves through.

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