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Geos Communications Inc. (GCMI) Fires up New and Revamped Web sites to Boost Customer Interaction and Access

Geos Communications Inc. is a leading developer and distributor of mobile applications and telecommunication services for enterprises and individual consumers. The company recently launched a new corporate Web site ( to provide transparency and accessibility to the company’s information, and revamped its MyGlobalTalk Web site to meet customer needs and preference.

The corporate site is clean and easy to navigate, offering recent company news and developments, industry-wide news, investor relations, new product features, corporate governance and more. features information on the company’s new international calling service, which allows for global calling from any phone. Geos also offers social networking functions such as Facebook and Twitter to keep customers informed with company news and updates.

“We have redesigned both our corporate and MyGlobalTalk Web sites with a focus on transparent and easy-to-access company communications, while simultaneously providing our customers with simple navigation tools to better serve their needs,” Andy Berman, CEO of Geos stated in the press release. “We have spent a great deal of time studying the online preferences of our customers and have designed these Web sites to satisfy those needs. Our Web presence will provide an excellent platform to extend our brand identity in a manner that adds value for our customers and our shareholders.”

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