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GeoPharma, Inc. (GORX) Adds New Distribution Channels for Mucotrol™ in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and South Korea

GeoPharma, Inc. (NASDAQ: GORX), a bio-pharmaceutical company with a diversified business model comprising three main market segments – specialty pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and distribution – recently announced the expansion of the company’s distribution agreement with Cura Pharmaceutical Co., a New Jersey-based pharmaceutical marketing company that focuses on select niche markets through the offering of specialty products and services. Under the new aspects of the agreement, two new regional partners will be allowed to distribute Mucotrol™, an FDA-approved medical device, in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and South Korea.

Mucotrol™ is a concentrated oral gel wafer designed as a pain management method for patients suffering from oral mucositis, which is a formation of mouth lesions that commonly present themselves in a patient’s mouth after undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer. By forming a soothing coating on the inside of the patient’s mouth, Mucotrol™ dramatically reduces the sensitivity of mouth lesions, improves the general comfort of the patient and makes activities such as eating much more tolerable.

GeoPharma’s expansion of the Cura agreement to include additional worldwide partners is another example of the company’s continued global expansion plan, which includes leveraging its research and manufacturing expertise to develop medical devices and high-margin generic drug products for niche markets with high barriers to entry. The company’s senior management team is pleased that the Mucotrol™ product is generating higher demand and growing its customer base.

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