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GeoEye Inc. (GEOY) is “One to Watch”

GeoEye is focused on providing satellite and aerial imagery, geospatial information, geospatial products, and solutions to the national security community, strategic partners, and commercial customers. The information the company provides is a crucial asset to several industries including intelligence, defense and security, air and marine transportation, oil and gas, environmental monitoring, online mapping, insurance and risk management, urban planning and emergency preparedness.

In order to continue providing the best-in-class solutions, GeoEye is preparing for the launch of GeoEye-1, which has been designed to be the globe’s most accurate, highest-resolution commercial Earth imaging satellite. This advanced satellite will be able to take images with a ground resolution of just 16 inches!

With such huge potential, and analysts saying things like, “The successful launch of the satellite should lead to a 170 percent rise in the company’s earnings before interest, taxes depreciation and amortization on revenue growth of 50 percent in 2009,” one would expect the price to appreciate in anticipation of the launch date. Instead the opposite is true, providing a unique opportunity to investors interested in the satellite-based earth imagery industry.

An investor should use discretion, however, as an unsuccessful launch could result in a dropping share price. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the company has had a success launch rate of 95% or higher, so the possibility of an unsuccessful launch is small. According to the company, the satellite will be shipped to Vandenberg Air Force Base for its August 22, 2008, launch on a United Launch Alliance Delta II vehicle provided by Boeing Launch Services (Huntington Beach, Calif.).

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