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Generex Biotechnology Corporation (GNBT) Receives Patents in Canada and Argentina

Generex, a research and development company of drug delivery systems and technologies, announced March 4th that it was awarded patents in Canada (Nixed Micellar Pharmaceutical Delivery System and Method of Preparation) and Argentina (Proteinic Drug Delivery System Using Membrane Mimetics).

The Canadian patent (The Canadian Intellectual Property Office) holds process and formulation claims to a mixed micellar pharmaceutical formulation for buccal administration. And the Argentina patent (The National Institute of Industrial Property) holds process and formulation claims to a mixed liposome pharmaceutical formulation.

Rose C. Perri, Chief Operating Officer of Generex Biotechnology Corp. stated, “We are pleased to continue to expand our patent portfolio, particularly in Canada, as we move towards the regulatory process for Generex Oral-lyn™ once the Phase III pivotal study is completed in global sites.”

Currently holding a sum of 125 patents worldwide, Generex also has 90 applications pending in various jurisdictions. 21 out of the 125 patents the Company currently holds are United States based Patents.

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