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General Steel Holdings Inc. (GSI) is an Opportunity to Profit from the China Growth Story

Oceans of business opportunities drench this stock. It is a small capital corporation from Beijing, China. It is listed on the NYSE. This is an exceptional investment opportunity for US citizens; with it, you can take part in the amazing economic growth of China from the shelter of a professionally regulated stock exchange.

This company is an illustrious member of the Construction-Supplies & Fixtures Industry. The company makes special kinds of steel sheets. The latter are used to make tractors, containers, special kinds of pipes, bars, and wires. The company is a key supplier for conventional energy and petrochemical industries, apart from its deep roots in agricultural equipment. It has a prominent place in the most rapidly growing and durable of enterprises in China. The latter is the largest steel producer and consumer in the world.

The stock has been available during April 2008 for less than $10 a unit. It appears set to cross the 52-week high of $9.59. The market capitalization exceeds $300 million. The Price to Earnings Ratio is less than 14. The management has declared intentions to improve profitability, and Return on Average Equity has topped 66% over the last four quarters.

Another major initiative is to expand production, using a combination of organic and acquisition strategies. This will utilize management and infrastructure capacities better, with positive effects on Net Profits. Market observers expect superior future business prospects for this stock, as it is free of the recession fears that stalk much of the domestic investment scene.

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