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Gemstar-TV Guide International, Inc. (GMST) Announces Release of Its Digital Services in Germany

Gemstar-TV Guide, a leading global media, entertainment, and technology company that develops, licenses, markets and distributes products and services that maximize the video guidance and entertainment experience for consumers, announced that they have released their digital services in Germany. The agreement is with one of Europe’s leading sports multimedia platforms, Eurosport.

This agreement will allow Gemstar-TV Guide to offer data to its GUIDE Plus+® Interactive Program Guide, which is built into digital recorders and televisions from brands including Sony, Pioneer, Philips, and Panasonic. Germany’s marketplace already offers the analogue service and Gemstar-TV Guide’s digital terrestrial service will only complement the already existing service Germany offers.

Lydie Levy, Chief Operating Officer for Gemstar-TV Guide said, “This agreement strengthens an already excellent multi country relationship with Eurosport to distribute our data in Europe and will greatly contribute to the implementation and development of digital terrestrial services in Germany. This agreement with Eurosport reinforces our commitment to be at the forefront of guidance technology and services as Europe transitions to a digital future.”

Gemstar-TV GUIDE Plus+® offers European consumers the most advanced interactive television program guide for no additional fee, and no phone connection is required.

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