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Furmanite Corporation (NYSE:FRM) Provides Vital Services for the Global Process Industry Sector

Oil refineries and electricity generating plants are the typical customers of this industrial services company. A number of chemical process manufacturing units are also on its impressive client list. The company has operations stretching from the United States to the Far East and from the European Union to Latin America.

Furmanite provides a very wide variety of support services to major global and national corporations, ranging from essential repairs and maintenance of key production facilities, to liaison and even social work in foreign countries. The company provides these diverse services through a set of specialized subsidiaries.

The company has achieved a surge in gross and net revenues for the nine months ended September 2007. It has achieved a profit for this quarter compared to the 2006 deficit for the same period. The management has asserted that this positive trend in business results is expected to continue in to the foreseeable future. An especially reassuring aspect of the 2007 business performance until the end of the third quarter has been the even spread of profitable growth across all regions of the globe where the company operates.

It is evident that process industries recognize the values of the company’s repair, onsite machining, heat testing, valve repair, and related technical expertise. The company is strongly positioned in Internet based services, which adds to its long term prospects. It is significant that one of the company’s subsidiaries has an impressive record in digital conversion of health care systems: this know-how has potential in all forms of process control.

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