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Frozen Food Express Industries Inc. (FFEX) – Chilling Just Fine

Frozen Food Express Industries is a company focused on the temperature-controlled delivery of perishable goods. They deal primarily with food products, confectionary products, and health care supplies. They are part of the Frozen Food Express Group of Companies (FFEG), which includes Am-Can Logistics, Excel/Country Fresh Meats, and Taylor Packing, among others.

While a trucking company to the outside observer, they consider themselves more a service company that uses trucks to meet their customers’ needs. True to this core belief, they offer their refrigerated and dry delivery service from Canada to Mexico and all points in between. Their terminal network is spread throughout the country, from California to Florida and from Texas to New Jersey. In total they operate 16 terminals in 48 states.

The company offers full-truckload (TL) and less-than truckload (LTL) service to its customers. In essence, they’re full service in that customers can deal with them solely, instead of two different companies for separate shipping needs. They offer door-to-door pickup and delivery and have more than 650 regularly scheduled LTL runs each week. This regular-as–clockwork service is of great benefit to those users with relatively small freight requirements.

With a crew of approximately 2400 drivers, Frozen Food Express Industries transfers goods throughout North America for a large cross section of perishable food manufacturers. They also have working relationships with many independent trucking firms throughout the country. When it comes to servicing their customers, FFEX has an army ready to get the job done.

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