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Forrester Research Incorporated (FORR) Stock an Object Lesson in Business Management

The collection and processing of primary data are processes which even the biggest corporations have to outsource. Specialization and domain expertise apart, there is the matter of using an independent entity to prevent bias. This is a prime area of the Business Services Industry.

Though the market capitalization of this stock is less than $1 billion, it only accepts clients with sales over this magic figure. The company has nearly 2500 customer-corporations, with an average of one new company joining every month. The vast majority of corporations that use this company’s services are adequately satisfied to stay on board.

The company has notable strength in providing deep customer insights. This largely qualitative input is vital for strategy. The company has been in business for over a century, but has never left the vanguard of the professional business management thrust in the worlds of commerce and industry. Top-quality human resources embellish the corporation’s core competence.

The company has a high profile amongst senior executives of large industrial houses. It publishes research reports and arranges important business events at regular intervals. Syndication lends stability to its revenues.

August 2008 has opened with the stock price close to the 52-week high of $35.22. The Beta is less than 1. Earnings per Share have been 0.91. The recent acquisition of a smaller rival will improve future stock prospects. An economy struggling to combat tough business conditions bodes well for the services this company offers. Stock ownership in this case is educative, apart from its riches in profit terms.

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