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Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center Employs Authentidate Holding Corp. (ADAT) InscrybeMD Telehealth Remote Monitoring Solution

Authentidate Holding, a provider of secure web-based software applications and telehealth products and services for the healthcare industry, reports that Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center has selected the Authentidate InscrybeMD® telehealth solution using the Electronic House Call™ device (EHC) to remotely provide clinical services to their patients.

Using the InscrybeMD telehealth solution, Florida Hospital will be able to provide patients that require regular monitoring of medical conditions with the follow-up care necessary to manage their disease and/or condition. The EHC device provides frequent updates of patient data to healthcare providers without a face-to-face visit, reducing costs while supporting improved patient health outcomes.

The EHC touch screen device delivers automated reminders to increase patients’ compliance with care plans, diets, medication schedules, and follow-up physician visits. Healthcare providers can view each patient’s vital statistics and make adjustments to care plans on the secure InscrybeMD web application, which is then communicated to the patient via the EHC device during scheduled sessions. EHC also provides patients with disease management education that their clinician selects for them to view on the EHC device.

“The InscrybeMD telehealth solution has proven highly effective at keeping patients on their care plans, improving patient outcomes and reducing readmissions at similar healthcare organizations. We are committed to improving the health of our patients and providing the tools necessary for our clinical staff to accomplish that goal,” Jill Piazza, PT, DPT, director of health and performance at Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center stated in the news release.

The InscrybeMD solution can also be used for a number of other patient illnesses, behavioral health conditions, and wellness programs that require ongoing clinical management to encourage healthier life habits and overall improved health.

“We are seeing increased interest from healthcare organizations like Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center to improve their patients’ health outcomes and reduce readmissions with our InscrybeMD telehealth solutions. We are thrilled that Florida Hospital has entrusted us to help them deliver on their goals and look forward to empowering them to do so through the use of our EHC devices and InscrybeMD web application,” said Jessica Levenberg, sales director at Authentidate.

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