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FARO Technologies (FARO) Launches New Family of 3D Laser Scanners

FARO Technologies (FARO), headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, has products which allow manufacturers to perform 3D inspections of parts and assemblies on the shop floor, helping to eliminate manufacturing errors and increase productivity and profitability for a variety of industries in FARS’s worldwide customer base. The company has locations in Michigan, Texas, California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Washington. Overseas, the company has headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany for its European division and in Singapore, Thailand for its Asian Pacific division.

Products from the company include the measuring arms Quantum FaroArm, Fusion FaroArm, FaroArm Platinum, FARO Laser ScanArm; and FARO Gage, Gage-PLUS and PowerGAGE. Recently the company launched its new family of 3D Laser Scanners called Photon 80 and Photon 20, which replaces FARO’s Laser Scanner LS880, 840 and 420 and offer greater clarity, accuracy and portability. The FARO Photo Laser Scanner is a portable, computerized measurement device that scans and digitally recreates an object or area’s dimensions, creating what looks like a “photograph” on the computer screen, but in 3D.

The Photon is FARO’s sixth new product release in seven months. The product offers opportunities for markets that require very high fidelity 3D image capture and will be beneficial in various industries such as Cultural Preservation, Architecture, Process, Piping and Power Industries, Aerospace, Automotive and Shipbuilding, Automated Quality Assurance Systems, Foundries, Forensic, Tunnel and Mining, as well as Toy Reproduction. Data captured on the Photon can be used to create a digital model for reverse engineering, quality assurance, inspection, CAD-to-part comparison, factory planning, investigation, and automatic object recognition in modeling.

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