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Exciting Business Applications for Novel Electro-Optical Sciences Inc. (MELA) Technology

Melanoma is a dreaded word in medicine. It implies that skin cells may have turned cancerous. Fortunately, not all pigmentation patches on skin are malignant, and melanin accumulations may be harmless. Surgeons have conventionally used invasive biopsies to study small pieces of melanomas to decide whether they need to be taken seriously.

Novel Electro-Optical Sciences from Irvington, NY has developed a way for clinicians to determine the probable natures of melanomas without the bother of biopsies. The corporation had a market capitalization of about $109 million at the start of May 2008, with stock price at around $7. However, the significance of the company’s medical technology potentially puts it in the future big league. It is a good choice for stock investors on the prowl for path-breaking growth opportunities.

The technological creativity of the company comes with an interesting business model. Physicians and skin specialists can use the company’s branded device to record multi-spectral images of melanomas on any part of the human body. However, this data has to be matched with a proprietary database of melanoma images in the company’s database. The time and other resources needed to build such an extensive database acts as an effective entry barrier for potential competitors. The company has built its database from thousands of melanomas.

An eminent technical team of medical and software experts supports the company founder, who is an electrical engineer with an impressive and relevant background. The company has recently strengthened its management team by taking a specialist in dermatology commercialization on board. Investors can look forward to superior stock performance due to a balanced development of technical and management strengths.

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