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Exact Sciences Corp. (EXAS) Colorectal Cancer Screening Technology Achieves 100% Sensitivity

Exact Sciences Corp. is a molecular diagnostics company focusing on colorectal cancer and detection and screening technology. Data regarding the company’s DNA methylation specific technology is available at the annual meeting of the American Association of Clinical Chemistry (AACC). The data demonstrates that the technology, using a combination of DNA methylation markers, detected colorectal cancers and precancers at 100 percent efficacy in a preliminary study with colorectal tissue.

Kevin T. Conroy, president and CEO of Exact Sciences, said the results reflect the company’s stringent research efforts, and noted that the data’s milestone achievement.

“The data being presented today at AACC illustrates the groundbreaking approach Exact Sciences is taking to the detection of both colorectal cancers and precancers,” Conroy stated in the press release. “We believe our study is the first time that any set of markers has achieved 100 percent discrimination of both colorectal cancers and precancers from normal tissue. While we believe the performance of these markers will be diminished in stool samples, the 100 percent sensitivity and specificity they demonstrated in tissue samples gives us confidence about achieving our goal of greater than 85 percent and 50 percent cancer and precancer sensitivity, respectively, in our upcoming validation study, which will include approximately 1,650 stool samples.”

DNA methylation regulates gene expression, which is the process that changes the information found in DNA into proteins. The company said that scientific studies demonstrate methylation markers as clinically relevant to detect colorectal cancers and precancers, as methylation markers are more commonly found than individual DNA mutation markers. In accordance, fewer methylation markers are required to the cancers and precancers.

Exact Science’s data, conducted collaboratively with the Mayo Clinic, is being presented at the AACC meeting in a poster titled “Sensitive Quantification of Methylated Markers with a Novel Methylation Specific Technology.”

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