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Evergreen Solar Inc. (ESLR) Opens Berlin-Based Headquarters to Strengthen European Presence

Evergreen Solar Inc. has emerged as a recognizable figure in the solar power industry. The company develops, manufactures and markets String Ribbon™ solar power products for residential and commercial applications around the world.

The solar manufacturer today announced the recent opening of its Europe-based headquarters in Berlin, Germany, which is expected to extend the reach of the company’s presence in the German market. With headquarters in Berlin, the company anticipates taking advantage of solar incentives and the accelerated business growth in Europe.

“Berlin is an ideal location for us to establish our European headquarters,” Peter Rusch, managing director of Evergreen Solar GmbH and vice president of Sales for Evergreen Solar stated in the press release. “Our excellent products and strong relationships with customers have allowed us to establish ourselves very quickly as a leader across the European market.”

In 2002, Evergreen Solar launched European operations and became a fully-registered German company in 2004, managing to grow sales 20 times at a 180 percent annual growth rate. The company’s solar panels are the most environmentally friendly of their kind, contributing to growth and recognition.

“Evergreen Solar’s panels produce more electricity and less impact on the environment than any other silicon based panel,” Rusch said. “If you want to judge the performance of a panel the delivery of kilowatt hours per kilowatts installed is the best measure. From an ecological impact of a solar panel, the carbon footprint and energy payback are the most important factors. That’s what stands behind our slogan: More electricity, less impact.”

Evergreen Solar also has headquarters in Marlboro, Mass, and sales offices for the Asia Pacific Region in California, as well as manufacturing plants in Devens, Mass., Midland, Michigan and one currently under construction in Wuhan, China.

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