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Equity Media Holdings Corporation (EMDA) Announces Subsidiary’s New Affiliate

Equity Media Holdings Corporation (EMDA) announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Retro Television Network [RTN], plans to add third affiliate on their El Paso, Texas television station. The network will launch in 2008 on a digital stream of KFOX-TV, the local FOX affiliate that serves the El Paso, TX / Las Cruces, NM market.

According to Bruce Baker, Executive Vice President, “So far, three COX stations are affiliated with RTN and the reason for this positive response is because their schedule offers a cohesive program niche that we can effectively market to viewers. Additionally, clients can relate to RTN both in terms of program environment and target market, so it is a great combination.”

“Viewers in these three COX Television markets will fall in love all over again with Love, American Style and will be on the edge of their seats as Dr. Richard Kimble, played by David Jansen, is The Fugitive on the run trying to prove his innocence,” said Mark Dvornik, Executive Vice President of RTN. “In the evening, audiences will enjoy seeing Robert Stack as Elliot Ness in The Untouchables.”

RTN is a new television network that provides affiliates with a customized feed of shows. Shows range from classic hit shows, to local programming including news, weather and sports. RTN will launch in Pittsburgh on COX’s WPXI-DT this Monday (October 15) and in Reno on COX’s KRXI-DT on January 1.

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