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Eminent Alliances Buttress Vical Inc. (VICL) Stock Value

An arm of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has granted the company $2 million for a two-year program to develop its technology related to the management of sexually transmitted diseases. This company also has licensing and collaboration arrangements with three of the world’s top pharmaceutical corporations. It is clear that the proprietary biotechnology know-how involved has significant new business potential.

The company has three innovative projects related to the management of serious illnesses. Its technology has world-wide implications. Health authorities in Japan are considering a proposal to allow such gene therapy to be used to manage cases of restricted blood flow to limbs. However, the major applications of this kind of biotechnology relate to the production of various kinds of vaccines. The latter can be used to protect the general public from influenza outbreaks, control the spread of sexual infections, and reduce the incidences of some cancers as well.

There are two compelling reasons for investors to support this stock, which is at a relatively early phase of the business cycle. One is the robust quality of its platform technology. There are many future avenues for commercial applications of the company’s novel DNA delivery technology. The other reason to expect returns from investment in this stock is the management strategy of licensing. The pharmaceutical industry and this company both stand to benefit by sharing downstream infrastructure necessary to bring exceptional inventions quickly to market.

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