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Electro Rent Corp. (ELRC) Featured by TinyGems

For more than three decades, Electro Rent Corp. has focused the efforts of every department to supply quick answers and rapidly fill orders. As one of the world’s oldest and the largest rent/lease providers of test and measurement equipment, the company has established relationships with major industry manufacturers that go back decades. Because Electro Rent’s annual purchases are often larger than the competition, top-name manufacturers give the company priority and information competitors simply cannot attain.

Today, Electro Rent leads the international rent/lease industry through its flexible financial programs, administrative services, and knowledgeable sales/technical staff. It offers its test and measurement equipment to Fortune 500 companies operating in aerospace and defense, semiconductor, electronics, and telecommunications industries. Across North America, Europe, and now Asia, corporations of every size rely on the company for smarter solutions to acquire the tools needed.

In recent news, the company was recognized as one of Forbes’ “100 Most Trustworthy Companies” for the second year in a row. The annual survey, created for Forbes by independent financial analytics firm Audit Integrity, recognizes companies for consistently demonstrating “transparent and conservative accounting practices and solid corporate governance and management.” Daniel Greenberg, Chairman and CEO of Electro Rent stated that the company was honored by the recognition.

Holding $270 million in assets with only $40 million in total liabilities, the company has enough cash and equivalents on hand to completely pay off all debts and have $20 million left over. Electro Rent also shines with an annual dividend yield of over 4% with insiders holding nearly a third of the shares outstanding. Currently one analyst covers the stock with a “Strong Buy” rating and $18 price target.

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