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Einstein Noah Restaurant Group Inc. (BAGL) Stock Ready for Take-Off

It seems a simple matter to serve hog bagels and coffee. The truth of the fiercely competitive Restaurant industry is that no management team can ever take customers for granted. Successful business in this rather low-profile segment calls for clever sourcing and service excellence.

This small capital stock runs over 600 cafes in parts of the United States. It has more than tripled net profits during the Most Recent Quarter compared to last year. This amazing performance comes at a time when the United States has passed through some of its most difficult economic times in recent history.

This extraordinary business performance is not by mere chance. Deliberate management strategies are responsible for these achievements. That is why investors anticipate sustained returns and growth from this stock.

The management seems to have more foresight than most of its competitors; it locked in wheat prices well ahead of the spurt in world prices. Farm produce is a key cost-driver in the restaurant business. Understanding agricultural futures is crucial to keeping bagels both affordable and profitable. This management has demonstrated its ability to excel in these key factors for success in the Restaurant Industry.

Business is about customers, rather than just sourcing raw materials at best prices. The management has revamped its menu, and this has kept it one step ahead of customer boredom. Company-owned outlets have reported 3.6% annual growth in quarterly revenues. Investors can rest assured that the stock is able to garner new market share even in the most challenging of times.

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