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Eagle Test Systems Inc. (EGLT) Hovers Near its 52-Week High

Consider this stock to start the last trading week of August 2008 on a winning note. The opening stock price is tantalizingly close to the 52-week high of $15. However, the Price to Earnings Ratio is just 16.12. The corporation serves the fast-track Semiconductors industry, so you can count on even better days ahead. The company has been in business since 1976, though shares have been listed on NASDAQ only of late. Stock investors will appreciate the management philosophy of building business value before approaching the market for funds.

It should come as no surprise that 86% of the nearly 23 million shares are held by top financial institutions. The management has an excellent track record. The Net Profit Margin, on a Trailing Twelve Months Basis, has been 17.56%. It appears that test equipment for semiconductor manufacturers is a great business idea. Not everyone knows how to validate small chips made of silicon, so competition in this area is limited. The company banks on proprietary technology that enables clients to test multiple devices simultaneously. Every unit that makes semiconductors can use this company’s test equipment to stay competitive.

Demands for consumer electronics grow by the day. Cellular telephones, digital music players, and video products are all as much part of modern living as computers have been for some time now. That is why this corporation enjoys superior growth and profit opportunities for the foreseeable future.

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