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Dutton Associates Featured Company: Neurobiological Technologies, Inc. (NTII)

Neurobiological Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTII) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative and leading agents for central nervous system conditions and other serious medical conditions. The company seeks out drug candidates related to the central nervous system, and develops therapies for neurological conditions that occur in connection with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, ischemic stroke, neuropathic pain, and brain cancer. They employ a strategy of in-licensing late-stage CNS agents and strive to gain regulatory approval and commercialization, either independently or with a strategic partner.

Neurobiological Technologies most advanced product candidate is Viprinex™ (ancrod), a drug for treating acute ischemic stroke. The product is in Phase 3 of clinical testing as a novel investigational drug with multiple mechanisms of action that are specifically designed to double the time period that patients can be treated after the onset of a stroke. Acute ischemic stroke is one of the most common, debilitating and costly diseases in the world, for which there are few acceptable treatment options. NTI’s pipeline also includes a phase 3 investigational drug for brain swelling and other drug candidates in early-stage development for Alzheimer’s and Huntington’s diseases.

The company’s other two products include XERECEPT and MEMANTINE (Namenda®). XERECEPT is an original agent being investigated for the treatment of brain swelling associated with brain tumors, and possesses the potential to enhance functional independence and a subsequent reduction in the required level of care. Currently, the drug is being tested in two pivotal Phase III clinical studies, which are taking place in the United States and Canada. MEMANTINE (Namenda®) will be used to combat moderate to severe dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. NTI has an exclusive marketing arrangement that gives them the right to receive royalty payments from Merz and their marketing partners.

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