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Dutton Associates Featured Company: Lime Energy Corp. (LIME)

Lime Energy Corp. (NASDAQ: LIME) engages in developing, manufacturing, and seeking out new ways to integrate energy-saving technologies and services for public institutions. The company has established itself as one of the nation’s leading energy efficiency technology and engineering companies, bringing together more than 75 years of experience in design, engineering and installation of energy-efficient solutions. Lime Energy’s goal is to provide commercial, industrial, and public institutions with environmentally sound projects that dramatically reduce fixed operating expenses and improve facility appearance, safety, and functionality, as their projects produce a remarkable return on investment with virtually zero risk.

The company is composed of three segments in which they operate: energy technology, energy services, and financial services. The energy technology segment designs, manufactures and markets energy saving technologies, primarily to commercial and industrial consumers. The energy services segment engages in consulting with customers to inform them of ways to become more energy efficient and assist them in improving their energy costs, as for example their engineering and installation of energy-efficient lighting upgrades for commercial and industrial users. Financial services provide liquidity to the group’s operating subsidiaries by purchasing certain long-term receivables from them.

Lime Energy is dedicated to working to fully understand each and every client’s operations and goals in order to deliver the proper solutions that will produce tangible improvements to that client’s facility and operation. The company completes thorough audits of a facility’s energy-consuming equipment inventories and operational practices to uncover hidden opportunities and maximize return. By utilizing hundreds of available solutions from multiple top-tier manufacturers, Lime Energy is able to deliver the highest returns on a client’s investment. Numerous tests and precautions are taken before Lime Energy executes a function, ensuring that their services best fit each client’s needs and expectations.

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