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Dutton Associates Featured Company: Hydrogen Corp. (HYDG)

Hydrogen LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hydrogen Corporation (NASDAQ: HYDG), is a manufacturer of multi-megawatt fuel-cell systems utilizing the company’s proprietary 400 kilowatt (kW), air-cooled, phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) technology. The technology was developed by the Westinghouse Corporation, which received over $150 million of public and private investments in order to create this state-of-the-art technology.

The company’s core operational activity involves the manufacturing of 400kW PAFC modules from raw materials at their manufacturing facilities located in Pennsylvania. As the PAFC modules arrive in the field, they must be incorporated with the balance-of-plant (BOP) equipment to construct and operate the fuel cell power plant at the customer’s site.

Hydrogen’s BOP is standardized, and is only met with advanced equipment that consists of very few custom-made components, which has the potential to reduce cost and increase product reliability and performance. A main contractor will assume, under direct management of Hydrogen staff, the site responsibility for building the fuel cell power plant, as well as the installation, precautionary testing, and commissioning of the complete plant at the customer site.

Hydrogen’s basic technical strategy involves fusing the simple, robust Westinghouse-developed fuel cell module technology with the modern principles of chemical plant construction. The air-cooled PAFC module technology is inherently simpler than liquid-cooled fuel cells, as they require only the channeling of air to the graphite plates. This reduces the number of steps in manufacturing the fuel cell stacks. Additionally, corrosion and water discharge/clean-up problems are negated, lengthening the useful life of the fuel cell stacks and reducing operating costs.

Hydrogen’s products provide close to zero emissions, and net water-generating, reliable, high-quality electric power from hydrogen. The company’s products address problems associated closely with the current inefficient, centralized, combustion-based energy system by offering economically competitive fuel cell systems that will accelerate market entry of clean, sustainable energy technology. The company believes that they can become the leading manufacturer of stationary fuel cells for power generation in multi-megawatt applications, and generate significant returns to their shareholders while they do so.

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