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Dutton Associates Featured Company: General Steel Holdings, Inc. (GSI)

General Steel Holdings, Inc. operates a diverse portfolio of Chinese steel companies. With 4.8 million tons aggregate production capacity, their companies serve various industries and produce a variety of steel products including rebar, hot-rolled carbon and silicon sheets, spiral-weld pipe and high-speed wire. The company is headquartered in China, and has steel operations located throughout all of China in Shaanxi province, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the Tianjin municipality, and Guandong Province.

The company intends to become one of the largest and most profitable non-government owned steel companies within China. Their principal activity is manufacturing hot rolled carbon and silicon steel sheets that are mainly used on tractors, agricultural vehicles and in other specialty markets. The company’s “Qiu Steel” is the registered trademarked name under which they sell their products. General Steel sells their products primarily to distributors, service centers or manufacturers who further process these products.

General Steel looks to acquire government-owned steel companies and selected entities that show outstanding potential, and increase their profitability and efficiencies by infusing the applied western management practices, advanced production technologies and capital resources. Their investment strategy is to actively participate in the privatization of state-owned steel companies in China. They aim to acquire assets from large state-owned enterprises at attractive prices, by leveraging their relationship with certain key people and local governments. Their controlling interest positions in joint ventures with the Baotou Steel Group, the Shaanxi Longmen Steel Group, and Maoming Hengda Steel Group, Ltd. are examples of their working strategy.

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