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Dual Thrusts for Idera Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IDRA) Stock

It takes a domain expert to appreciate this stock, but that does not dilute any true value. This Biotechnology & Drugs Industry small-capital stock is from Cambridge, MA. The geographical base itself should arouse investor curiosity because this part of the United States has an enviable record of creating future business winners.

The current financial parameters of the stock are so negative that even the most patient investor may look at it askance. The Beta is 1.61 and the company has lost $0.40 per share during the last financial period. 22.95 shares are on offer, but knowledgeable institutions have picked up only 19% of the total stake. However, the stock price has gained about 15% during the last trading week of August 2008, so it appears that word is out on the positive outlook for the corporation.

The company has two powerful thrusts. First, it is associated with three of the most successful drug firms in the world. One is from the United States, while the other two are based in the lucrative European market. The management has been sanguine in separating the therapeutic areas for each of its collaborator-companies. This will give the stock long-term revenues without competitive threats.

The second factor in favor of the stock is the company’s proprietary technology. Its scientists have established an image of leadership in an important niche of new-drug development. Competitors will find it hard to catch up and cross the technical moat. The company has several molecules in advanced stages of development, so investors can look forward to exceptional returns in the years to come.

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