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Dryclean USA Inc. (DCU) Does the Dirty Work

Dryclean USA Inc. knows the laundry and dry cleaning business isn’t glamorous –just necessary. That’s why they now have over 400 franchise and license stores across the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. They operate these storefronts through their subsidiary, Dryclean USA License Corp. The company sees the continued potential in a business people need every day, whether economic times are good or not so good.

With headquarters in Miami, Florida, Dryclean USA Inc. is also a distributor of commercial industrial laundry and dry cleaning machines, as well as steam boilers. They do not manufacture these products but operate as a distribution agent for manufacturers. The company also designs and plans laundry and dry cleaning systems for retail and institutional clients. They provide their customers warranty and preventative maintenance through their factory-trained technicians.

Dryclean USA Inc. is part of the Consumers Services industry. They trade on the AMEX and have a market capitalization of $9.14M. The company began in 1963. They serve independent and franchise dry cleaning stores and chains, hotels, motels, cruise lines, hospitals, nursing homes, government institutions, and distributors.

Along with providing cleaning systems, Dryclean USA also supplies replacement equipment and parts to customers who purchase their systems. They provide commercial dry cleaning machines under the brand names Aero-Tech, Multi-Jet, and Green-Jet. Part of their business is the distribution of coin-operated machines. They also sell garment presses, and sorting and storage conveyors.

Dryclean USA Inc. continues to get the dirt out. Their focus is on providing shareholder value through a business that they see as resilient in recessionary times. Dryclean USA Inc. knows clothes will always get dirty and will always need cleaning; they hope to be the ones consumers increasingly look for to get them clean.

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