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Does The Quigley Corporation (QGLY) Present A Viable Alternative to Bludgeoning Health Care Costs?

Quigley represents an extraordinary array of health care ventures, and investors can take heart from the prudent management approaches to margins and funding. The Over-the-Counter (OTC) segment for medicines has always attracted all categories of stakeholders, because health care with lower regulation and physician bills are relieving prospects. The OTC segment for the common cold is large and stable, though it displays seasonal variations.

Consumers everywhere have heightened environmental concerns, so a herbal and branded OTC health care range seems to be a profitable growth prescription for this company’s stocks. Multiple-channel and national distribution, a manufacturing facility approved of by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and organic certification by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) are other exceptional assets owned by the company.

It should not worry investors that sales for the nine months ended September 2007 have declined marginally, because business in the key OTC segment for cold relief has actually grown. The litigation with some independent distributors for the wellness line of the company’s products is likely to be resolved soon. 2007 has also seen significant progress by the company in the Research and Development of novel drugs for diabetic neuropathy as well as for inflammatory disorders.

The company has very low gearing at this time, and is therefore entirely poised to make a quantum leap in both herbal OTC as well as mainstream prescription drugs. Overall, the intangible assets of this company are so valuable that the stock is a rare gem in the volatile stock exchange environment of today.

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