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Divcom Lighting Inc. (DVQ) Hoping to Light the Way to Future Growth for Shareholders

Divcom Lighting Inc. manufactures architecturally designed lighting fixtures under a variety of brand names for public, commercial, industrial, and residential use. They also manufacture custom-built lighting according to a client’s specific requirements.

Headquartered in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Divcom is part of the Industrial business sector and trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). They began operations in 1999. Divcom is actually the parent corporation of a group of lighting manufacturers.

Their corporate goal is to become a major player in the lighting industry. They are working to accomplish this by designing, developing, and marketing new innovative products. Add to this their commitment to first-class customer service, and they are confident their goals will come to fruition. The company wants to increase the number of their strategic alliances. They also want to acquire complementary companies that are profitable and add them to their fold.

Divcom Lighting Inc.’s sales network consists of independent lighting agents across North America. The company’s brands are Snoc, Dinico, Diversified, Eclatec, Adjusta-Post Lighting, Moore Lambert, Architectural Lighting and Design, Lampada, and Linogene. The Diversified brand is their original brand of decorative lighting for commercial, municipal, and institutional use.

The Snoc and Dinico brands consist of outdoor residential and commercial lighting, as well as address signs and mailboxes. The Moore Lambert line is interior/exterior energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting for hospitality and commercial industry use. The Adjusta-Post brand is outdoor residential lighting and non-corrosive lighting for coastal environments, along with residential and commercial lampposts and accessories. Their Linogene brand is interior residential and light commercial lighting.

With this wide array of lighting products, Divcom is hoping to light the way to future growth for their shareholders. They are continuing to seek out new partnerships to expand their market share. They know innovation and strong customer relations are the best way for them to achieve their goals.

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