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Digital Recorders Inc. (TBUS) is Getting Their Message Out

Digital Recorders Inc. (TBUS) is a digital communications technology company in the domestic and international public transportation and transit security markets. Incorporated in 1983 in North Carolina, they list on the NASDAQ as part of the Communication Equipment industry. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the company’s market capitalization is $31.28M. Digital Recorders Inc.’s products help increase the mobility, flow, safety, and security of people who rely upon transportation infrastructure.

Digital Recorders Inc. provides real-time information that helps users and operators of transit, bus, and rail vehicles in their many functions. This would include locating, identifying, boarding, tracking, scheduling, and managing these types of vehicles. People use Digital Recorders’ proprietary hardware and software applications in attending to the above functions. Their products also help transit vehicle operators increase ridership and use less fuel, as well as lessen security risks on transit vehicles due to better communications.

The company’s products include their TwinVision® and Mobitec® electronic destination sign systems, and their Talking Bus® voice announcement systems. They also include Digital Recorders® Internet-based passenger information and automatic vehicle location/monitoring systems, and VacTell™ video actionable intelligence systems. The company’s Mobitec Group is a worldwide supplier of electronic destination sign systems. Mobitec Group has their headquarters in Herrljunga, Sweden with business units in Australia and Germany, and joint venture operations in Brazil and India.

Digital Recorders, Inc., TwinVision, Inc., and Robinson Turney International, Inc. are subsidiaries that serve Digital Recorders Inc.’s U.S. market. Mobitec AB, Mobitec GmbH, Mobitec Brasil Ltda., Mobitec Pty Ltd., and Castmaster Mobitec India Private Limited serve the company’s international markets. Their products also serve the U.S. Homeland Security market.

On June 11, 2008 the company announced that their Mobitec Group subsidiary in Sweden had received – through their joint venture in Brazil – an order for Mobitec® electronic destination sign systems for the bus fleet in Montevideo, Uruguay, valued at approximately $650,000 USD. The company sees the value in providing their customers innovative digital communications systems. They hope to develop continually, unique communication technologies to help those who rely on transportation systems that are safe, secure, and efficient.

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