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DexCom, Inc.’s (DXCM) CEO Discusses Growth Initiatives for the Company’s Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

Terrance H. Gregg, the chief executive officer of DexCom, Inc. (NASDAQ: DXCM), a developer of continuous glucose monitoring systems for people with diabetes, conducted a presentation earlier this week at the William Blair 28th Annual Growth Stock Conference in Chicago, Illinois. The link to the webcast of the presentation is available on the DexCom, Inc. website at: under the investor webcast section.

DexCom has developed Seven™ System, a short-term, continuous glucose monitoring system, which includes the Seven Sensor, the Seven Transmitter, and the Seven Receiver. The transmitter sends the glucose signal from the sensor and wirelessly broadcasts the data to the hand-held receiver. The receiver processes the data and displays the user’s current glucose value, as well as one-, three- and nine-hour trends. The receiver also sounds an alert when a high or low glucose excursion is detected. This product gives the patient the ability to proactively monitor glucose levels and take action before there is danger, and is the only FDA-approved sensor for seven days of continuous use.

Considering that approximately 33 percent of children born today in the United States are expected to eventually develop diabetes, the overall market potential for this type of product is staggering. According to recent reports, one out of every ten healthcare dollars is spent in treating complications associated with diabetes, creating a total market potential exceeding $2 billion in the United States and more than $6.5 billion worldwide. The company is also preparing to secure CE Mark approval in order to launch the Seven™ System in Europe in 2009.

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