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Denny’s Corp (DENN) Takes Aim at Fast Food Restaurants in Its Launch of Scrappy Real Breakfast Leadership Strategy

Denny’s Corp. (DENN), America’s beloved brand that’s been serving up breakfast for more than 50 years, announced that the company is to begin challenging fast restaurants for the first time.

Specifically, Denny’s utilized creative muscle of their agency of record to help accomplish this goal. Both brands immersed themselves in the development of an aggressive integrated communications campaign entitled “Don’t Fall for Fake.” From national broadcast, diverse digital, PR, in-store merchandise, and guerrilla marketing efforts, the scrappy campaign targets men and women 25-40 and reinforces the overwhelming appeal of real, as consumers are faced with real versus fake.

Denny’s will also be introducing a new Spanish-language TV campaign titled De verdad verdad (Really Real). The :30 and :15 television spots effectively position Denny’s as the real thing when it comes to breakfast and creatively embrace the authenticity and enjoyment of social customs, human interaction and food.

Nelson Marchilo, CEO and President of Denny’s stated, “Denny’s is putting a stake in the ground when it comes to real breakfast. With consumers accounting for an estimated 1.7 billion breakfast occasions on-premise at fast food restaurants(a), we’re eager and confident in taking a challenger position and asserting ourselves as king of the breakfast table.”

Elizabeth Geer, senior director of advertising and merchandising for Denny’s stated, “Consumers tell us that real breakfast goes beyond the food, it’s about the total experience. More important, they believe Denny’s delivers a real breakfast experience. Real breakfast is a call to action not to settle for wrappers and Styrofoam. Denny’s is the place to get your eggs made to order just the way you like brought to you on real dishes with real silverware, served with a smile. Fake breakfast can’t imitate real breakfast.”

Shon Rathbone, executive creative director, added, “Nobody does real breakfast like Denny’s, and we’re defending the brand’s turf with creative that pokes fun at the competition. Sirico helps deliver that message with attitude and humor. The gloves are off.”

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