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Dendreon Corporation Inc. (DNDN) Announces Successful Phase III Prostate Impact Study

In today’s pharmaceutical world, one needs to be fast off the mark. It is just a few hours old, but there may still be time to catch this one as investors make their choices. Prostate cancer treatment products are the next Lipitor, do your research and think about it.

Dendreon Corporation, a biotechnology company, works to develop and commercialize biotechnology therapeutics that enhance cancer treatment options. The company has several products in its product development pipeline with a prostate product making very successful progress in late stage approvals.

As we’ve stated in the past, there is a rush for larger pharmaceutical companies to refill their product pipelines. Although the supply of companies with later stage products, to fulfill this need, are growing smaller, there are still companies that fit the bill. Dendreon Corp. seems to be one of these companies as its prostate product makes solid headway toward approvals. Announced this morning, just ahead of the opening bell, the company’s prostate product is moving toward a quick approval.

As the company’s prostate product moves towards approval, the company has several other products that are in various states of development. Its current product pipeline includes a prostate cancer product for those men with limited options, an ”investigational Active Cellular Immunotherapy product” that has completed two Phase 1 testing and pre-clinical trials and products that include lung, colon and breast cancer options. As the market assesses the company’s progress, it does appear that there is opportunity if an investor can get there fast enough.

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