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DayStar Technologies, Inc. (DSTI) Meets Q3 Technical & Production Goals

DayStar Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ:DSTI), producers of thin-film photovoltaic products for solar energy utilities, today announced the progress it has made in meeting its Q3 technical and production goals. A conference call, scheduled for 10 a.m. (Pacific time) today, can be heard in replay until October 15 by dialing 203-369-3944, and entering the pass code 1234. An archived webcast replay will be available for one year on the company website,

DayStar produces thin-film solar cells and modules based upon CIGS (copper indium gallium di-selenide). Thin-film photovoltaic products, currently comprising about 10% of the PV market, are much less expensive to produce than comparable silicon-based products, and are more efficient in low-light and high-temperature environments. And, of all the thin-film technologies currently available, CIGS offers the highest conversion efficiency. It can be produced inexpensively using low-cost glass substrates, and associated manufacturing processes are easily scalable for high volume production.

The company is currently working on scaling up its “Big Baby” production technology development operation, which allows the simultaneous CGIS deposition on two 2 x 4 foot glass substrates, another step to high volume CIGS production. Dr. Stephan DeLuca, DayStar’s CEO, said, “To this date, we have met all of Big Baby’s technical milestones. The work we have done with Big Baby has given me confidence that we have a fundamental tool design suitable for high volume CIGS production.”

DayStar’s full production line, CIGS1, is currently being assembled in the company’s Newark facility. DeLuca commented, “We expect to be able to run process in CIGS 1 before the end of this year. The tenant improvements in the manufacturing building are well under way and on time to meet the scheduled deliveries of the purchased tool sets for the remainder of the process steps. We continue to closely monitor our vendors to ensure on time deliveries of the production tools. We have moved engineering and materials management teams to our Newark facility, and we expect to have our complete operations team moved there this quarter.”

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