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Day4 Energy Inc. (DFE.TO) Introduces the Next Generation of Solar Electric Modules

There is a hidden gem on the Toronto Stock Exchange and its name is Day4 Energy. Day4 has been gaining national recognition as a leading technology developer and manufacturer of high performance solar electric molecules. Today, the company took a major step forward when they announced the expansion of its product offering to include the Day4 60MC-I featuring the breakthrough Guardian Technology.

Guardian Technology is unique in that it dramatically improves the performance of the photovoltaic (PV) modules when exposed to partial shading, snow, debris and other external factors that under normal circumstances cause a substantial reduction in power yield. Day4 60MC-I modules with Guardian Technology are three times less sensitive to these external factors. They also offer as much as 25 percent greater power yield from the same installation area due to higher installation density and enable viable PV installations on many sites that have been previously considered not suitable for this purpose.

Day4 Energy President George Rubin was quoted as saying, “With greater performance over the day, year and lifetime of the product, more energy is collected and more kilowatt hours are produced. This means a greater return on investment for the solar installation. We understand that our customers are solar energy investors that are focused on kilowatt hours, not just kilowatts.”

Leonid Rubin, Day4’s Chief Technology Officer commented on this new technology by stating, “This new technology offers a great advantage for system performance under real world conditions. It will now be possible to install in areas that were thought of as unsuitable and still produce positive returns on the solar investment.”

Day4 Energy is Canada’s largest manufacturer of high performance photovoltaic (PV) modules for residential, commercial and utility scale installations around the world and has been consistently generating positive news. Currently trading in the $0.56 range, this stock is well off of its 52-week high despite having a hold on solar energy technology.

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