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Dataram Corp. (DRAM) Expands Strategic Partnership with Advanced Industrial Computer

Dataram Corp., – 40-year veteran leader in the memory technology sector and innovating engineer in memory and storage solutions, yesterday announced expansion of its strategic partnership with OEM/ODM server and storage solution powerhouse, Advanced Industrial Computer (AIC)

The expanded partnering agreement will marry DRAM’s sophisticated engineering expertise in mission-critical memory hardware with AIC’s reputation as a predominant solution provider in the OEM/ODM market space in order to crush the competition and achieve maximum market penetration.

A market segment-attuned sales and marketing initiative has subsequently been launched by both companies which will allow extended capitalization of previous efforts in this same vein.

VP of Worldwide Sales at DRAM, Phil Marino, noted the continued expansion of the Company into “relevant strategic market segments”, and called the expansion of the AIC relationship an ideal way to supercharge access to the lucrative OEM/ODM solution provider market.

Marino cited the established reputation among existing OEM clients for the Company’s ability to “provide solutions with multi-year product life and support” (a capacity which is of inestimable value to customers in this segment) as proof positive that DRAM will be able to readily derive “consistent predictable revenue”.

Award-winning quality and reliability in server and storage technology, and touted throughout the industry by top professionals, AIC solutions have long been hailed as a favorite among multiple business partners due in no small part to their exemplary customer service and support structure.

AIC was even awarded the coveted Avnet Gold Medal Supplier of the Year Award in 2008 for recognition of its contributions to strong business ethics, reliability, and – most of all – its outstanding technological innovation and rock-solid mechanical, electronic and system-level engineering expertise.

Director of Business Development and Channels (North America) at AIC, Seth Haller, called the partnership an ideal symbiosis with significant downstream benefits for the customer base of both companies.

Haller cited the “demanding requirements” when it comes to reliability and performance, which are characteristic of customers in the sector, and how DRAM’s reputation and track record have again and again translated directly into exceeding the expectations of AIC’s customers, by hailing DRAM’s complimentary engineering and consulting services, which puts them a cut above other product suppliers.

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