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D. Medical Industries Ltd. (DMED) Announces Issuance of U.S. Patent No. 8,021,334 for Insulin Administration

D. Medical Industries Ltd., a medical device company focused on the research, development, manufacture and sale of innovative products for diabetes treatment and drug delivery, announced earlier today that it has been granted U.S. Patent No. 8,021,334, entitled “Drug Delivery Device and Method.”

This patent protects innovative valve technology that allows safe and reliable administration of a desired amount of insulin. In addition to other features, the technology is able to detect malfunctions that could lead to over or under administration. According to the press release, it’s an essential part of D. Medical’s proprietary Intellispring™ and Total Line Control™ systems, which are at the heart of its “Spring™ Zone” and “Spring™ Hybrid” insulin pumps.

Hezkiah Tsoory, D. Medical’s Chief Operating Officer, stated, “As we continue to work toward the commercialization of our Spring pump technology, it is important that the many innovations that define these products are well protected. This U.S. patent issuance serves to strengthen D. Medical’s already formidable intellectual property estate.”

D. Medical’s spring-based delivery mechanism is believed to be a cost-effective alternative to the motor and gear train mechanisms that drive competitive insulin pumps and also enables certain advantageous functions and design features. The company has developed an infusion set for insulin pumps and is focusing its research and development efforts on the development of next generation insulin pumps and a device that will combine a continuous glucose monitoring system and an insulin pump on the same patch.

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