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CSG Systems International Inc. (CSGS) is a Productivity Resource for its Business Contacts

Almost every business faces periodic depressions in demand for whatever it may sell. Suppliers may not face matching adversity. They maintain remorseless cost inflation pressures if they can. Trade unions are ruthless in demanding higher wages even as business survival seems open to question. Customers have free market options. They want top quality at ever reducing prices. How can management cope?

The value of this particular stock lies in the life-saving support it can provide to its industrial clients. The company is an excellent example of the role of the Business Services industry during times of simultaneous recession and inflation. The stock merits attention by every anxious investor in today’s uncertain times.

This company helps any satellite network provider service titanic numbers of customers. It replaces armies of clerks and sales people with automated processing. The company can meet all business needs from simple invoicing to value-added customer service. Its systems encompass all phases of the business cycle from registering new accounts to providing industry-standard customer support.

The stock has special attraction within the Business Services industry. The Price to Earnings Ratio on Trailing Twelve Months basis is below 8. This ratio is more than 22 in the Services Sector. Similarly, the Price to Free Cash Flow is much better than industry and sector norms in this regard. Capital Spending has grown more than twice as fast as the industry over the past five years. Investors can look forward to reaping top benefits of resultant new capacities in the current economic scenario.

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