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CREDO Petroleum Corp. (CRED) Has Hard-to-Beat Financials

Here is a small capital stock for ‘meat-and potatoes’ investors who prefer hard figures to soft strategic analyses.

The Price to Earnings Ratio is 16.51. The Beta is 1.16. Sales have grown by 25.97% over five years. Earnings per Share have grown by 35.26 during this period, with an average Return on Equity of 18.30%. Capital Spending has increased by nearly 30% over the past five years. Interest Coverage on a Trailing Twelve Months basis is a colossal 437.48. Gross Margin has hovered around 80% and the five year average Net Profit Margin is 36.04%. It seems to be most appropriate for conservative stock investors.

The company is part of the Oil & Gas Operations Industry, so the future looks even more assured than the steady financial record of the past. The company’s exploration assets are in the United States, isolating it from geo-political uncertainties that plague similar companies in countries which are not stable democracies.

The company derives technological strength by using an effective and branded drilling and gas recovery system. Two major wells using this technology are in production, which bodes well for the other 11 sites where the system will be applied in stages. The company has business shares in over 80 net oil and gas wells.

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