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Courier Corp. (CRRC) is Booking on Continued Value to their Customers

Courier Corp. is a printer, publisher, distributor, and seller of books in three main categories. They offer their service to those seeking to publish educational, religious, and specialty niche books. Headquartered in North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, the company trades on NASDAQ and has approximately 1,900 employees.

The company’s goal is to seek markets with above-average growth rates and strong future prospects as applies to their three focus areas. Founded in 1824, the company today operates a full-service book manufacturing division and a specialty book publishing division. They work to provide their customers a full range of services that take them from point-of-creation of a book all the way to point-of-use in readers’ hands.

Their book manufacturing division produces hardcover and soft-cover editions. They also have the capability to produce single-color, or up to four-color, books. Courier Corp. was the third largest book manufacturer in the United States last year. They produced over 175 million books in their six manufacturing plants last year. They can do press runs of 500 to 1 million copies of a book.

Courier Corp. often does the manufacturing and packaging of accessories to a book they publish. This could be workbooks, CDs, audio tapes, and videos. They also do order fulfillment, warehousing, and worldwide distribution of the products they produce.

The company’s acquisitions of Creative Homeowner, Research and Education Association (REA), and Dover Publications have helped them grow into a successful niche publisher. With divisions or facilities in New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Indiana, Courier Corp. is booking on their wide operations to make another kind of reading – that of their year-end financial statements – even more enjoyable for years to come.

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