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COSAN, Ltd. (CZZ) – The Largest Brazilian Independent Sugar and Ethanol Producer

COSAN, Ltd. is currently the largest individual group sugarcane byproduct manufacturer in the world with 17 manufacturing units and two port terminals in the city of Santos, Brazil. The company’s manufacturing units are located in São Paulo where the unique conditions of climate, soil and topography allow COSAN to manufacture quality sugarcane products at one of the lowest production costs in the world.

COSAN currently represents 12 percent of overall production in the mid-southern region of Brazil and has the capacity to grind more than 40 tons of sugarcane. Additionally, São Paulo’s infrastructure and logistics facilitate the cost-effective flow of products to the foreign and domestic markets.

COSAN stands out in the foreign market as the largest sugar industrial exporter in the world and a large exporter of various specifications of ethanol. COSAN offers different sugar specifications for food industries and wholesale trade, including VHP sugar, organic sugar and liquid sugar. The company also offers a consumer line of products through the Da Barra brand, which holds the second position in the refined sugar domestic market.

COSAN’s innovative potential and the development & research of new technologies for practical and efficient solutions have led to significant growth. The company has expanded its manufacturing capabilities from three units to 17 operating facilities.

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