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Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Stands Tall in the Competitive Transfer Agent Industry with Unparalleled Client Support

Almost every transfer agent performs the same basic functions. That’s why it’s important to look beyond services when finding the perfect agent to handle all of your vital shareholder record keeping needs. Since 1964, Continental Stock Transfer & Trust has worked to support emerging, midsize, and growth companies with superior client responsiveness and uniquely tailored business solutions. Today, the company serves more than 1,200 customers nationwide, making it the fourth largest agent in North America.

What differentiates Continental from other transfer agents is its dedication to its clients’ needs. Offering continuous access to its team of top-level management staff to all customers, the company provides every client with flexible, innovative offerings that feature exceptional execution and unmatched overall value. As evidence, one needs only to study past annual industry surveys, which find time and again that Continental offers not only the best value among major agents, but also the highest client satisfaction numbers and improved overall performance.

On top of Continental’s continuous pursuit of industry-leading customer support, the company has also continued to grow in order to meet the needs of its customers by broadening its service offering. In June 2014, Continental acquired FRS Equity Strategies, Inc. in Santa Clara, CA, to form a partnership solution to plan administration and stock transfer services. By doing so, the company has opened the door for issuers nationwide, public or private, large or small, to provide a recordkeeping approach for all of their corporate needs from inception throughout their maturation process as public companies.

As the top-rated stock transfer agent for four straight years and the lowest priced major agent for ten years running, there’s little question of the appeal of Continental for emerging to midsize growth companies. By regularly going the extra mile to meet the needs of clients, the company has created a new standard for which other transfer agencies must strive. When companies want the very best in service and responsiveness, they’ve been turning to Continental for over 50 years, and that fact appears unlikely to change anytime soon.

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