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Continental Stock Transfer & Trust – Fifty Years of Excellence in Service

Transfer agents may perform the same basic functions but the team at Continental Stock Transfer & Trust knows that being the agent of choice requires more. As only major transfer agent specializing in small to midsize emerging and growth companies, Continental plays the critical role of record keeper and shareholder information depository with stability, agility and the knowledge that a company’s needs, size and service expectations drive its choice of transfer agent.

At Continental, there is nothing “usual” about how business is conducted. The company goes above and beyond to cater to its clients and their shareholders. It supports unique needs and expectations — and goes the extra mile to execute exactly what it’s needed, when it’s needed, so that its clients can proceed with business.

With round-the-clock access to its high-level experts, Continental offers what few, if any, mega transfer agents offer: a responsive and truly personalized business solution that is backed by five decades of unmatched industry experience.

In 1964, Continental Stock Transfer & Trust was founded on the premise that the company would support small and midsize companies with comprehensive, uniquely-tailored business solutions and superior client responsiveness. In the years since, the company has never wavered in pursuit of this vision. As in its beginning, Continental remains an independent, privately-held, family-owned corporation – and it has no intention of changing. It is fully committed to partnering with its clients for the long term.

A solid base and staff of experienced professionals fuel Continental’s operations, allowing the company to respond swiftly and deftly to its clients and their shareholders. They also enable the company to develop and implement its suite of services flawlessly. This type of consistent, top-notch delivery is what makes Continental a major presence in the industry.

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